A vehicle's cooling system is designed to protect the engine from the destructive forces of too much heat. If the system isn't in good repair, simple tasks such as sitting idle in rush-hour traffic can cause a vehicle to overheat even when temperatures drop below the freezing mark.

Heat, sometimes expressed as Btus or British thermal units, is the one item that every diesel engine has in abundance. One BTU is the amount of thermal energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Established in 1947 as a simple two man radiator shop, today Culpepper Radiator Service is one of the largest radiator and heat exchanger repair facilities on the east coast. CRS requires eighteen employees to meet the special needs of established repeat customers as well as the many new ones that call on Culpepper Radiator Service each week.

Culpepper Radiator Service is in the business of providing reliable service for the Radiator and Heat Exchanger aftermarket. To do so requires experience, high-tech repair equipment, state-of-the-art procedures combined with old fashioned craftsmanship, all to satisfy the customers special needs.

Culpepper Radiator Service, Inc.
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Culpepper Radiator Service's commitment quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in the impressive array of sophisticated tools at our disposal. Throughout the company's long history, no challenge has proven too large or too difficult for our experienced technicians to successfully overcome.
The marine environment poses an extra special hardship on the equipment men use to go down to the sea in ships. Salt water, corrosion and electro-chemical action all take their special toll on the engine's cooling system. Culpepper Radiator Service's on-site industrial processes often allows us to repair these systems that otherwise, could only be replaced.
Culpepper Radiator Service offers a broad range of products and services for the automotive market. From passenger car heater and air conditioner repair to designing cooling for high performance racing cars, to carefully restoring antique radiators, CRS keeps cars running long after the original parts have worn out.

Culpepper Radiator Service has never turned down a job because of its difficulty. We look forward to meeting your particular challenge. Contact us!